The Company

Mardos Aljube is a trading and consultancy firm specialized in:

Food products

Instant coffee


To do this, we have a highly qualified team of professionals in the food industry:

Over 30 years of experience

Deep knowledge of the food and beverage distribution industry

We recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the sector.


Our ultimate goal is to provide the best service to our customers around the world.

Our position in the market for the sale and distribution of food products is unique due to:

Our exclusive dedication to ours clients

The optimization of our services

Continuous development of our company

Our values are






Our deep knowledge of all the products we trade with gives us a real advantage vs. our competitors. Every step of the business is handled by professionals focused on each sector and product, providing personalized services and products that meet and exceed the requirements of every client.


All factories comply with the highest quality standards and certifications.
Our commitment with quality is absolute throughout the end to end production process and supply chain.


Focused to create long term relationships with clients, in order to establish a strong bond based on reliability and communication.

Mardos Aljube, a trading and consultancy
firm specialized in food, coffee & beverages

Where are we?

Calle Zurbarán, No. 10, 5ºizq.
28010 -Madrid-Spain